12 Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs

Gorgeous eggs from all our ladies. You'll get a mix of light and dark brown, white, blue, green, pink and speckled!


Our eggs are as fresh as they come! They are from a farm. Please do not be alarmed if you find hay, dirt, or chicken poop on your eggs. We do our best to clean them, but we're not perfect. We do not rinse our eggs in order to preserve the natural protective bloom that allows them to be un-refrigerated. Just be sure to give them a good rinse before you crack 'em!


12 Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs

  • These eggs do not need to be refrigerated. We leave ours on the counter for weeks! They can go in the fridge if you prefer.

    They should be good for about a month, on the counter.
    When in doubt, throw them out and order more eggs! 

  • All sales final